About Us | Marwari Commercial High School And Junior College

After establishing itself as a premier trade body, the Committee felt that in addition to development of trade, the basic lacuna in the development of the country is education and public health. To bridge this gap chamber established Marwari Commercial High School in the year 1916 with four students. With passage of time it has bloomed as Marwari Commercial High School and Junior College both in the stream of Commerce with around 2000 students. In order to help the weaker section of the society, no minimum percentage for admission is fixed. Admissions are open with no restriction of caste, creed or religion in both Hindi & English medium sections. Special arrangements have been made for imparting computer education. Free medical check up of students is carried out every year and detailed medical report is given to them for record and reference. Results in H.S.C. & S.S.C have been uniformly excellent.