Chamber is a trade body where main function is to create awareness and knowledge in trade with regard to Govt. policies and their Implementation this is done by organizing seminar workshop and issuing Circular to the trade. Chamber also organize Trade fair and exhibition and at time send Trade delegation abroad to provide members opportunity to widen the field of business.

Further the present system of justice is costly and decision takes years to come. It is said that roughly 3 crores case are pending for decision in various courts. The arbitration systems of chamber gives a ray of hope since it is cost effective simple in working and fast in imparting justice. The award given by the chamber has the sanction of the courts in India. To take advantage of the system the following terms and condition be Provided on the invoice and the invoice should be signed by the opposite Party as the acceptance of the term.

“If any dispute arises about this transaction, the same shall have to Be referred to Hindustan chamber of commerce, Mumbai for decision Under its Arbitration Rules and Award made there under shall be binding Upon the parties. Subject to Mumbai jurisdiction only” Every year around 100 cases are settled by the chamber under This system.